Air handling units

We develop and manufacture ultramodern air handling units with low energy consumption and high operating reliability.
Our AHUs contribute to healthy air in all types of indoor environments, from homes, offices and production plants to large public buildings and facilities.
Our air handling units meet the requirements of the EU’s ErP Directive. Our business is based on customer focus and flexibility, with excellent opportunities for customized solutions.
We have long-term collaborations with our suppliers to develop the best technical solutions.


The features of our HERU® energy recovery unit are high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise level and high reliability.
HERU® recovers up to 84% of the energy that is otherwise lost in systems that only run exhaust air ventilation.
HERU® is available with an AC or EC motor, and features a fan wheel with backward curved centrifugal impellers.


VENTILATION UNITS 6,000-108,000 m³/h

Our larger ventilation units maintains the highest level of quality and lives up to the stringent demands for low energy consumption, high efficiency and extremely low noise level. What is more, it is a compact unit that can easily be adapted to small spaces.
Our compact ventilation units are easy to install and take care of – as well as being highly service-friendly. Effective control and regulation systems assure efficient energy recovery.



The SAU supply air unit is used to provide a pleasant indoor climate, supplying both heating and clean air. The unit is supplied complete with filter, fan and heater. All units feature built-in control, and the heater can even be adjusted externally via pulses.
Airflows up to 800 m³/h (0.22 m³/s).



For properties built on air permeable ground such as gravel ridges, radon wells are far and away the most efficient solution for lowering air pressure in the ground and preventing radon from entering the property.