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Min : 0 Pa
Max : 1537 Pa


Radon extractor for properties with radon in the ground

For properties on non-air permeable grounds, such as bedrock or blasted stone filling, we propose Radon extractor as a good alternative.
The Radon extractor is also based on lowering the air pressure in the ground under the property. A fan sucks air from one or more points under the concrete slab. The fan is mounted on the roof, in the basement or on the outer wall and is connected to duct.
The Radon extractor needs interventions on the property, e.g. holes in the base plate and ducts must be mounted and connected to a fan. The suction capacity should be limited to a maximum of 50 m³/h, otherwise the floor is going to be very cold and there is a risk of frost heave.
A Radon extractor has a low operating and installation cost. It gives a reduction of the radon level in the air by 10-80%.

IRE 160 C1 EC