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Min : 0 l/s
Max : 6348 l/s


Min : 0 Pa
Max : 1498 Pa


Boxfan BFC AC

BFC is a duct fan with circular connections.
BFC has high capacity and very good efficiency. 
BFC is very compact, with only slightly larger dimensions than the duct.
BFC is available with AC or EC motor. 
Air flows up to 19,080 m³/h (5.3 m³/s).

BFC 315 D1 ErP

BFC 355 D1 ErP

BFC 400 B1 ErP

BFC 400 B3 ErP

BFC 400 E3 ErP

BFC 500 B1 ErP

BFC 500 B3 ErP

BFC 500 D3 ErP

BFC 630 A3 ErP

BFC 630 B3 ErP