Control System Updated: 2021-09-07

994020785 - CLIMATIX-600 OPC licence 999051021 - CLIMATIX-600 BACnet IP, Installed 999051022 - CLIMATIX-600 LON, Installed
999051024 - CLIMATIX-600 GSM modem, Installed 994020653 - CLIMATIX-HMI-DM, Multi unit controller

Control System: Siemens Climatix.

For HERU from size 400 T/S.
We offer Siemens Climatix for many functions and communication options. The control and regulation system sends prompt alarms if the unit stops and for other unforeseen events. This service-friendly solution enables stops to be rectified quickly, minimizing consequences for the occupants of the premises.
Integrated control equipment in the unit: Modbus communication, efficiency measurement and 1-3 fan speeds are standard.