IFK 140 C EC Updated: 2022-02-28

7800027 - IFK 140 C EC Right 7800028 - IFK 140 C EC Left

  • Insulated duct fan with circular connections.
  • Designed with two inlets for use with a cooker hood and at the same time conventional ventilation.
  • You can order the IFK EC in either left or right version.
  • Equipped with 30 mm fire retardant insulation.
  • Handles high pressures yet offer low sound levels.
  • It features 2 inlets and 1 outlet.
  • Impeller with forward curved blades.
  • The EC external rotor induction motor has maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings.
  • Integrated motor protection.
  • Junction box has enclosure class IP 54.
  • The fan is delivered without potentiometer (0-10V), external control cable needs to be connected to the female connector that are supplied with the duct fan.
  • The housing is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
  • Duct connections are equipped with rubber seals.
  • Swing-out design to simplify maintenance and cleaning.
  • The fan is intended to be installed in a duct system.
  • The duct fan has a wall plug for power supply for easy installation.