Controller IQ-Reg EC Updated: 2021-09-03

9500142 - IQ-Reg EC T Temp/CO2 9500143 - IQ-Reg EC H Humidity 9500144 - IQ-Reg EC T Temp

Controllers for EC motors.
Controller with a 0...10 V output signal for control of e.g. an EC fan or damper.
The IQ-Reg EC is a stand-alone unit containing a controller and sensor. This enables you to save on component costs, resulting in a cheaper, easier installation.
Discreet, stylish design suitable for all indoor environments The IQ-Reg EC is perfectly suited for demand controlled ventilation and contributes to a healthy room climate and reduced energy costs. The unit has a reversible output signal that permits control of either heating or cooling, humidification or dehumidification.
The control mode is changed simply by moving a jumper.
The temperature setpoint is easily changed using the wheel on the right side of the casing. The rotary switch for the CO2 setpoint is located inside the casing.

  • IQ-Reg EC T/CO2 (ALC230A): Combined CO2 and temperature control. Adjustable setpoint, P-band and I-time.
  • IQ-Reg EC H (ALH230A): Humidity sensor and controller. Adjustable setpoint and P-band.
  • IQ-Reg EC T (AL230A): Room temperature sensor and controller. Adjustable setpoint, P-band and I-time.

The unit is intended for mounting on a standard device box and powered by 230 V. No transformer is required.