Active dock holder IQC Updated: 2021-09-16

4020647 - Active dock holder IQC

  • The Active dock holder is intended to be used as a docking station for the IQ CONTROL Display which enables wired communication between display and HERU unit.
  • When the IQ CONTROL is docked, the radio is disabled and all communication is via network cable  (RJ45 cat5e or better). When the IQ CONTROL is removed from the dock holder, communication automatically switches to radio.
  • When the IQ CONTROL is docked, charging takes place directly from the unit.
  • Up to 20 m network cable can be used.
  • The dock holder can also be used as an active charge wall bracket only, with the intended charging cable USB to RJ45. Function setting is done in the display.
  • When using two IQ CONTROL/dock holders only one IQ CONTROL can be wired to the unit.