HERU IQ App Updated: 2021-09-06

With the HERU IQ App you can control main basic functions on your HERU* air handling unit from your cell phone. The App is available on Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad (https://rb.gy/l41vfo ) users and on Google Play Store for Android users (https://rb.gy/hhrgkn).
The free HERU IQ App allows the user to control the unit's basic functions. It is possible to change the temperature and also activate/deactivate boost, overpressure and away modes.

Make any settings in the home network to guarantee the HERU unit’s continuous connection to the internet / Cloud.
No other preparations are required.
  1. Connect the unit to the internet-based Cloud service by fitting the internet connection with internet connection via the LAN port on the unit’s mainboard.
  2. Download the HERU IQ App to your smartphone from your app store.
  3. Create an HERU IQ App account and log into the app.
  4. Follow the instructions in the HERU IQ App to pair the unit and smartphone. Once pairing is finished, the unit is ready to be controlled via the HERU IQ App.

*The HERU IQ App works with the Next Generation HERU IQ air handlings units.