Firmware HERU IQC v1.08b Updated: 2021-10-11


Update firmware in the ventilation unit
Download the latest firmware (see "Downloads" below) and save the file in an appropriate place on the computer’s hard disk.

  1. Ensure that the unit is powered. The unit does not need to be turned on.
  2. Connect the display unit to the computer with a Micro USB type USB cable for data transfer.
  3. Open the display unit that appears as a storage unit in the file manager. Alternatively, you first need to select which measure will be performed when the display unit has been found. Select the alternative that opens the unit in the file manager.
  4. Copy the file from the computer’s hard disk. The file that will be used for updating has the ending .m3f.
  5. Paste the file on the display’s storage device in the explorer. The display unit starts the update immediately. The display unit is updated first. The progress is shown in the display (0-100%). A brief verification (0-100%) is then performed before the display unit restarts.
  6. Once the display unit has restarted, disconnect the display unit from the computer.
  7. If two displays are used, then repeat steps 2-6 for the second display (ID number 2). If two displays are used and are paired to the unit, the mainboard is only updated from the display unit that is master (ID number 1).
  8. Ensure that the display has contact with the unit via the docking station or wireless connection. The display unit then synchronizes with the unit and verifies the existing software version in the mainboard. If the control card in the unit has a lower version than the updated display, the display will also start updating the mainboard. The progress for “Mainboard update” is shown in the display. The unit then starts up for normal operation.
  9. Check that the downloaded version has been correctly installed on both the display unit and mainboard by going to Settings/about.