Pressure control IQC Updated: 2021-12-06

6010245 - Pressure control IQC

Pressure control IQC is designed for the control system in Heru Next Generation with the software IQC v1.08 or later.
With pressure control IQC the ventilation unit compensates for increased filter pressure drop during operation and maintains set supply- and extract air flows.
Pressure control IQC can be connected directly to the control board of the air handling unit using the included split-cable or via any optional expansion unit. The over- and under pressure connections of the sensors are connected to pressure fittings on the supply- and extract ducts respectively.
With Pressure control IQC connected the air handling unit adjusts the supply- and extract air flows in order to keep over- and under pressure, respectively in the ducts, constant over time until when filters are changed.
Note that Pressure control IQC is not designed to regulate against constant pressure in ventilation systems with moving dampers.

This kit includes:
Pressure sensor for supply air and extract air
Hose with fitting (2 pcs)