RAB 800 T Updated: 2021-03-25

8300003 - RAB 800 T


The Radon well kit comes complete and is manufactured of  a corrosion-resistant special pipe with a lid, and is equipped with a moisture-protected speed controllable fan.
The fan has high pressure and low sound level. The suction capacity is about 3000 mᵌ/hour!
The radon well is placed next to the property entirely below the ground. It makes no noise indoors and have a low operating cost. No changes need to be done on the building. A prerequisite for installation is access for a backhoe to make a pit with 4 meters deep, and that the exhaust air duct is positioned so the soil air can be blown out without the risk to return into the house. 

The Radon well kit includes: cursor, duct bends, safety grille BSV 250, transformer VRTT 4, circular radial fan RFT 315.