Speed controller MS EC Updated: 2020-01-15

9500120 - MS EC Stepless pot. Off-pos. 9500121 - MS EC Steps 1-3 9500122 - MS EC Steps 0-3 Off-pos.

MS EC for manual variable speed control of EC motors.
All fans with EC-motors from Östberg have 10 Vdc output that can be connected as supply to the controllers.
On the stepless control, Max and Min-mode can be set by adjustment screws under the knob.
On controllers with fixed locations (Steps 1-3 and Steps 0-3 Off-pos.), Pos. 1 and Pos. 2 are set by adjusting screws.
The controller is certified and approved as conforming to electrical safety and interference regulations on all markets.

Enclosure class:
Insert mounting IP 44
Surface maounting IP 54