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Min : 0 l/s
Max : 6348 l/s


Min : 0 Pa
Max : 1537 Pa



The RKB is a compact duct fan with rectangular connections.
It has high capacity and very good efficiency.
RKB is available with AC or EC motor.

RKB 300x150 B1 EC

RKB 400x200 C1 EC

RKB 500x250 A1 EC

RKB 500x250 C1 EC

RKB 500x250 D1 EC

RKB 600x300 A1 EC

RKB 600x300 B1 EC

RKB 600x300 E3 EC

RKB 600x350 A1 EC

RKB 600x350 B1 EC

RKB 600x350 E3 EC

RKB 700x400 B1 EC

RKB 700x400 D3 EC

RKB 800x500 A3 EC

RKB 800x500 D3 EC

RKB 1000x500 B3 EC

RKB 1000x500 F3 EC