Remote control with Modbus Updated: 2021-09-07

4020554 - Remote control with Modbus


Remote control with Modbus for HERU up to size 250 T/S.

We have chosen Modbus communication for HERU because it is a global standard, easy to implement in its own systems and offers many options for configuration with other systems.
Modbus offers a number of options for communication. These range from a single computer monitoring one unit, to a complete BMS system monitoring an entire building or several buildings at the same time. The MODBUS function requires Modbus remote control (additional accessory)

The remote control monitors and controls the ventilation in the building. There are also a number of other needs-based and practical functions.
The remote control unit is used to set all parameters for the control functions.
The remote control unit can provide information on current status (requires additional accessories in some cases).
Triggered alarms are displayed prominently on the remote controlt.
For easy handling, the remote control should be placed in a central location, such as in the hall. It has a range of up to 50 metres and works through walls and ceilings.