CV 250 B EC (Archived 20171124) Updated: 2017-12-13

7110078 - CV 250 B EC

  • Wall fan with circular inlet connections.
  • CV has a circular mounting plate.
  • Proven performance and reliability.
  • Compact with high capacity and efficiency.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Impeller with backward curved blades.
  • The external rotor motor has maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings.
  • Junction box has enclosure class IP 54.
  • Speed controlling can be done with the built-in potentiometer, 0-10 V alt. external control.
  • Fan housing is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
  • The fan is intended to be installed in a duct system, mounted on the inside wall.
  • Easy installation in any position.
  • Can be used in damp environments.