IQC Touch display Updated: 2021-09-06

4020645 - IQC Touch display

Intelligent control system for a healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.
Connects wirelessly to your HERU air handling unit. User friendly 4.3” touch panel in color.
  • INTERFACE – User friendly interface designed for end user and installer. – Interactive installation wizard that guides the installer through the installation. – Status bar for quick overview. – Quick info explaining the active panel.
  • PREHEATER – Enables installation of preheater for easy control via the display.
  • HOLIDAYS – Possibility to create schedules by date.
  • ALARM HISTORY – Map the device’s condition and facilitate service.
  • CLOCK – Screen saver that also shows time and temperature.
  • COLOR THEME – Choose the light or dark color theme that suites your home.
  • PIR SENSOR/TIMER – Possibility to activate extended operation and ”away mode” via external timer or PIR sensor.
  • LAN – Modbus via TCP/IP for easy integration of the unit into a BMS system.
  • VOC SENSOR – New upgraded menu system that supports regulation of VOC.
  • HERU IQ APP – Control of your HERU with your smartphone, no extra accessories needed. Internet connection is required.