HERU 180 S 2 Oppdatert: 2024-01-09 Arkivert produkt

8010221 - HERU 180 S 2B 1150W 8010222 - HERU 180 S 2C 8010220 - HERU 180 S 2A 2300W

HERU®180 S 2

  • Model with side connection.
  • Designed for supply and exhaust air ventilation with energy recovery.
  • Suitable for installation in apartments, small houses, offices and other premises where there are stringent requirements on the indoor environment.
  • High temperature efficiency 86%, low energy consumption (SFP), low sound level, high operating reliability and provides clean indoor air.
  • Unique design minimizes all thermal bridges.
  • For easy handling, the unit is remote-controlled using the wireless control unit for operation and monitoring.
  • Comes prepared for Modbus communication via RS485 (accessory needed).
  • Airflow is generated by two silent radial fans with AC motors and impellers with backward curved blades.
  • The fans are connected with quick connectors and are very easy to remove for cleaning.
  • A regenerative, non-hygroscopic, aluminum rotating heat exchanger located in the center of the unit. The heat exchanger can also be removed for cleaning.
  • Comes with bag filter ISO ePM1 65% as standard, for both exhaust and supply air. The filter is very easy to change.
  • Integrated controls for heating/cooling.
  • Available with or without integrated electric heater.
  • The unit is constructed of double-layer galvanized steel sheet with insulation in between, and comes unpainted.
  • For placement in warm or cold areas.
  • Comes as right-hand version as standard, but can be easily rebuilt to left-hand design.
  • Equipped with wall plug. 
The warranty of HERU® is only valid if accessories/equipment (e.g. filters) from H. Östberg AB are used.